Une diplomatie aux couleurs multicolores de l'érable, d'un océan à l'autre, d'un fuseau horaire à un réseau cybernétique, d'un passé à un présent mais surtout d'un avenir. Nous offrons cette lecture, cette vision de la valise diplomatique, à partir de l'ascendance du Dominion Britannique voisin immédiat de la descendance du Mayflower inclusif dans le G7.
The Older you Get, Editorial

The older you get… EITORIAL – DIVA “The older you get, the quicker the years pass by,” my colleague observed the other day. “Did you know that, according to some contemporary historians, the most important year in the twentieth century was 1979? I presume that was before 2020 and the Covid19 that knocked out the whole world for quite some time. Generations after us will definitely be curious to know what it was like to live under these conditions….

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One-of-a-kind summer courses for an unprecedented summer

ONE-OF-A-KIND SUMMER COURSES FOR AN UNPRECEDENTED SUMMER This summer in Geneva you can learn English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, or 28 other languages by travelling around the world – virtually! Our engaging and productive summer lessons will allow you to live and breathe your chosen language and feel like you’re actually away on holiday. Your teacher, a native speaker, will lead you on a journey of enchanting and captivating discoveries. You’ll marvel at breathtaking landscapes, look in admiration at…

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